"There is no mathematics to love and loss"

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WowBATMAN #353 (Nov. 1982)Jose Garcia Lopez (pencils), Dan Adkins (inker) & Adrienne Roy (colors)Words by Gerry Conway


BATMAN #353 (Nov. 1982)
Jose Garcia Lopez (pencils), Dan Adkins (inker) & Adrienne Roy (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway

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Guess who’s gonna go see one of their favorite bands tomorrow with one of their best friends?!…….ME!

Brand New



brand new - daisy

i’m a mountain that has been moved
i’m a river that is all dried up

i’m an ocean nothing floats on
i’m a sky that nothing wants to fly in
i’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot
i’m a moon that never shows its face
i’m a mouth that doesn’t smile
i’m a word that no one ever wants to say 

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